I'm Gabby.

I'm the owner and maker at Goldenhour Goods. It's a one-person show over here! GG was established in 2019, and I officially started working for myself full time in 2020.
I'm 29, a Leo, and a type 8 enneagram. My pronouns are she/her.
I share a studio space in Massachusetts, with my best friend, Deanna of One Oliver, where I'm lucky enough to be able to bring my dog, Zero, with me. A typical day at the studio involves our favorite beverages - iced chais from the local cafe, or Topo Chicos (lime for me!) -, listening to our perfectly curated pop punk playlist, and sending each other memes from the next room.
And sometimes, we work.
When I'm not in the studio, or slingin' goods at a market, I'm either adventuring with the pup all over the northeast in the 4Runner and #ThatRainbowTent, adding to my plant and vinyl collections, or I'm curating another perfect playlist.