Turquoise Bandana Slide

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These are one of a kind neckerchief slides handmade from a lightly used belt. They feature a stamped metal concho with a faux turquoise accent on a brown leather strap with metal snap closures. 

Neckerchief Slides are made from various types of leathers and other materials. Some are made from gently used belts, and therefore are one of a kind and limited edition items. If you have a belt you would like made into a slide, please contact goldenhourgoods@gmail.com and we can make some magic together!

Each slide can be snapped around a bandana worn around the neck. It will hold the bandana in place, while also adding some color, or just a little more style than the bandana would have tied.

Neckerchief Slides should not be used with pet bandanas, as they will not properly secure a bandana. They are strictly used as an accessory, and work best on humans.