Gold Angel Number Necklace

Gold Angel Number Necklace

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Angel Numbers necklaces come in your choice 16-18" or 18-20" chains made of sterling silver.

Charms are coated brass.

For best care, avoid contact with chemicals and perfumes. Take off during work outs, showering and sleeping.


Angel Numbers are meant to be signs from the universe. Sometimes you see the same numbers popping up often, and each can mean something different. 

111- Intuition: You're on the right path. Keep going in the same direction.

222- Alignment: You're in the right place at the right time.

333- Support: Your guides are around you and supporting and guiding you.

444- Protection: The universe and your guides are protecting you.

555- Change: Something new is on the way.

666- Reflect: Pay attention to your thoughts and refocus.

777- Luck: Good things are going to happen.

888- Balance: Everything is falling into place.

999- Release: Let go of what doesn't serve you.